Flashes is a magazine that unites interviews, testimonies, and research to foster more inclusive nights. I was invited to contribute to its 3rd issue, focused on mental health, by creating illustrations for the cover, various articles, as well as designing a poster showcasing the personal talismans of the interviewees.

In my illustration process, I embarked on a creative journey blending sculpture, airbrushing, collage, and gelly plate techniques. Through this exploration, I delineated several visual elements intricately tied to mental health themes. These elements serve as guiding motifs throughout all the illustrations. I also illustrated the most impactful passages of the articles with graphic wordplay.

For this project, I collaborated closely with Maé Bouquillon (@mbqn_) in charge of the magazine’s layout. The launch took place at Floréal in Belleville, Paris.

The project was implemented by Au Delà du Club (Sarah Gamrani, Laure Togola, Hewan Goethals, Celia Texier)

Printer: Quintal Atelier (Cha Gautier)

Picture: @matcha_studio

Au Delà Du Club – Flashes 3 — info

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